Make safe harvesting with Rainwater Harvesting Filter

If you are thinking to do necessary development in the field of irrigation using rainwater then use of advanced rainwater harvesting filter can be the best choice for you. With this advanced technology it has become possible to separate chemical particles within the water. This will allow the agricultural land to get required water enriched with mineral for farming.


These are also easy to install and are eco-friendly.  If you are looking for the best quality filter for your use then you can surely bank on the filters offered by Raj Group of exceptional quality and at best price.

Screen Filters – Excellent Quality Filters

Do you feel that you are in need of excellent quality filters to conduct your irrigation process or industrial process in a more advanced manner? Well, then buying Screen Filters from RAJ Group will be the best option for you.



This will help to split the sand from other particles out of the water. This will provide an excellent help for irrigation and other industrial tasks. RAJ Group is making use ooh high quality raw materials for the making of this product using latest advanced technology. The best part of the product is that it offers Wide range of flow rate with easy installation feature at an affordable price.

Buy Disc Filters made by Raj Group for best results

Are you in search for wide range of water filters for your agriculture irritation system? Then Disc Filters can be one of the best choices. These types of filters are widely used in irrigation field and in this age of advanced technology, you can use such filters for better and advanced irrigation process.


disc filters
                                      disc filters

The plastic discs are made with advanced technology and have become quite famous too. RAJ Group emerged as one of the finest manufacturer of this product and is available with excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance feature. You will find its installation quite easy for you and it’s durable.